Half Assessment Week 7: Eagles vs. Panthers

Eagles Tough Punting Yo

Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles season continues to go up-down, up-down, up-down and they yet again find themselves below .500. They could have beaten the Panthers and kept up with the Giants in the NFC East, but that would have required consistent execution. Yes, the Eagles ended up losing to the Panthers 27-16 in a nearly unwatchable game on national television. 


Not sure this one can be entirely blamed of Sam Bradford. The Eagles’ receivers seemed to drop every other pass. Bradford ended up going 26-46 for 205 yards and 1 interception. Yes, that is a pretty shitty statline. It really wasn’t all his fault, I swear!

And because this is the half-ass, I can’t seem to find the official drop stats for the game, but there were a bunch. Jordan Matthews had a couple, Zach Ertz had at least one big one, and everyone’s favorite tiny punching bag, Josh Huff, had one in the end zone. Matthews might be dealing with a hand injury, which would explain a lot. Athletes aren’t exactly the most forthcoming with that kind of info. People are placing the label of “WORST. RECEIVER. EVER.” on him right now, which isn’t anywhere close to true. We had the worst receivers ever early on in Andy Reid’s tenure. We saw last year that Matthews has a whole lot of talent. Clearly, something is off. The Birds need to take the bye week to figure this out.

The ground game was pretty good in this one. Ryan Mathews had another nice game, rushing 6 times for 97 yards and a touchdown. It was an okay performance for DeMarco Murray against a good run defense, getting the ball 18 yards for 65 yards. No complaints there.

It’s honestly a miracle the Eagles were in this one at all considering Jason Peters went down with a back injury. Everyone immediately thought that he tore his achilles again after seeing the way he went down. The offensive line actually did a decent job in pass protection until the last couple of drives, when they crumbled like delicious pizza sausage. Peters should be back for the Birds’ Sunday night showdown with the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football on November 8th.


It wasn’t the best showing for the Eagles’ run defense, as they finally allowed a hundred yard rusher. Jonathan Stewart rushed 24 times for 125 yards. No touchdowns though, those had to get vultured by lousy human bowling ball Mike Tolbert. Nah, I’m not salty or anything…

Overall the Panthers ran for 204 yards, not a total the Eagles are going to be proud of during their two week layover. It was an alright night for the secondary, however! Cam Newton went 14-24 for 197 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. That brings the Birds’ D to 11 interceptions on the season, good enough to tie them with the Giants for second in the NFL behind the Arizona Cardinals’ 12. Your Iggles picks go to Byron Maxwell, Nolan Carroll II, and Malcolm Jenkins. Nice to see Max Power finally get on that interception board. After a rough start with high expectations, it appears Maxwell is finally settling in.

Next Week The Week After That

When all is said and done, the Eagles lost a tough one that they absolutely could have won. This team is 3-4 going into their bye week, when they should be over .500 and leading the NFC East. They need to work on a lot of things, mostly involving Sam Bradford and his insane Crow’s Eye.

They come back to a huge Sunday Night matchup with the Cowboys. The good news is that Tony Romo will still be out and the Dallas running game is in shambles. The bad news is that Dez Bryant will probably be back. We should find out in the Cowboys-Seahawks game if Dez can be effective with a trash quarterback like Matt Cassel under center. Dallas’ defense ranges from good to mediocre. Still, this one is a must-win for the Eagles. They can’t go 0-2 to this team and expect to win the NFC East. Well, maybe they can. The division is pretty lousy. Still, I know that I can’t take another loss to the damn Dallas Cowboys. It’s Matt Cassel, guys. Just do the thing.


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