How to Keep Shayne Gostisbehere when Mark Streit Returns

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography

How to keep Shayne Gostisbehere? That is the question.

The Flyers are about three weeks away from having to make a decision on how to keep the Ghost Bear up with the big club. When Mark Streit returns from his injury, and is activated from LTIR, the Flyers will need to make some moves in order to regain cap compliance. As of today, here is how the cap situation shakes out.

Via Cap Friendly

Via Cap Friendly

In order to activate Mark Streit, the Flyers need to clear a roster spot and 1.7M in salary since the LTIR cap exception would be ended.

Failed solutions

There are two options, that do not work, as they do not clear enough money.

1: Waiving Brandon Manning (625K) does not work because Gostisbehere has the higher cap hit.

2: Placing Ryan White (800K) on LTIR for his injury, if he suffers a setback does not work for the same reason.

Possible options:

Here are the solutions that can work for keeping Gostisbehere on the roster

1: Placing Nick Schultz, RJ Umberger, or Sam Gagner on LTIR. For the short term, if any of the injuries to these three players run more than the 10 games missed or 24 day variety, the Flyers could place one (or more) of these players on LTIR and keep Gostisbehere up under the LTIR exception that way. Of course, once that player is ready to be activated, the Flyers end up back in the same predicament.

2: The Flyers waive Nick Schultz. While the bury penalty would still exist, the Flyers would clear enough money to keep Ghost with the big club.

3: The Flyers clear the money with a trade. Do the rumored Luke Schenn/Brayden Schenn trade rumors come true? Does another deal blindside us out of nowhere? As long as the requisite 925K is cleared, Ghost can stay.

4: The Flyers send down Brandon Manning and one of the extra forwards no named Vinny. Candidates include: Ryan White, Scott Laughton (due to being waiver exempt) and Nick Cousins. Cousins probably goes back to the AHL anyway when White, Gagner and Umberger all return, but the Flyers could clear the money by waiving Manning AND not having an extra forward. This solution is risky because it leaves Vinny Lecavalier as the only spare forward. On the plus side, a defense of: Streit-Ghost, Del Zotto-Gudas, Medvedev-Schenn is actually like somewhat decent. This assumes the Flyers find the courage to scratch Nick Schultz. The major risk here is the fact that the only way any recall gets made is via LTIR with this plan.

5: We all wish it would happen, though it probably won’t: Vincent Lecavalier retiring would solve this issue as well. There is no recapture on his contract, it’s not a 35+ deal and therefore, if he retires, the remainder of his cap hit disappears.

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