Ivan Provorov is the Next Chris Pronger

Photo via Bill Smith/NHL

Photo via Bill Smith/NHL

There are many current NHL players who compare well to new Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov. Provorov is an extremely skilled player in many different ways, and his game includes traits shown by several previous Flyers defensemen. However, there is really only one comparison that truly makes sense; Ivan Provorov is the next Chris Pronger.

Provorov, the former Brandon Wheat King, is similar to Pronger in almost every way. Let’s take a look at these striking similarities.

  • Their last names both start with the letters “P-R-O”. Wow.
  • They are both defensemen.
  • They have similar builds in that they are both over 5 feet tall and also both weigh over 150 pounds.
  • They both play sports.
  • They both have a left-handed shot.
  • They are both Russian.
  • They were both drafted by the Flyers.
  • When Provorov’s Wheat Kings lost the WHL Championship to the Kelowna Rockets, Provorov stole the puck that was used in the final game of the series. Pronger has also possibly done things like that.
  • They are both better than Luca Sbisa.
  • They are both better leaders than Claude Giroux

All we can say here is: Wow. There are many reasons to be excited about Ivan Provorov, but the number one reason is this: He is clearly the next Chris Pronger.


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