Kimmo Timonen Cleared To Begin Skating

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Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)


Last Thursday, Craig Berube said that Kimmo Timonen was likely to return to play for the Flyers this season. Ron Hextall quickly made it clear that this was not yet official, and Timonen was reportedly surprised to find out about it himself.

Exactly one week later, the news was made official that Timonen is cleared to begin skating and eventually rejoin the team. He will begin skating on his own on Friday with the intention rejoining the Flyers as soon as possible.

Both Timonen and Hextall spoke briefly to the media during the first intermission tonight. Timonen said that that his condition was ‘chronic’ meaning that the blood clots ‘would stay where they were’. When asked for further details, he said that “you guys will miss the second period”. He will make himself available for more in depth questioning tomorrow after his first skate back.

While it is certainly a bit unsettling to hear that he could be skating while still having blood clots, hopefully we can trust that his doctors would not be allowing him to skate if there was a significant risk involved.

Timonen will undoubtedly have a long road back. He is 39 and hasn’t skated in 8 months. But as I said last week, let’s just be happy that one of the best defensive careers in Philadelphia Flyers history is probably going to end on the ice and not in the press box. Timonen has shown a great desire to get back on the ice and it is great to see that it will not go unrewarded.

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