Laughton continues to lead Voracek in goal-scoring race, Capitals take massive shots all over the rink

"Well, at least I didn't have to do pushups in Columbus today." (Image c/o Amy Irvin)

“Well, at least I didn’t have to do pushups in Columbus today.” (Image c/o Amy Irvin)


In what bystanders might describe as a hockey game, Washington offered Philadelphia plenty of opportunities to get on the PP. One could say this did not deter the Capitals team from taking turns blasting all over the place. It hemmed the Flyers in and resulted in a bit of a sticky situation for the team.

Let’s relive the 5-2 loss through the magic of Twitter!

The game according to the media

Pre-game warmups.

This prevented Ovechkin et al. from impregnating the net with the puck.

Boom. Nailed it!

“L” is for Loser, which the Flyers are.

Shots fired, Rando. (I think.)

*Alicia Keys voice* This post is on fiiiiire.

Well stated, Rob.

I only included this because Mingioni’s Tweet reads like a wiener joke.

Please lower your shooting percentage, Flyers.

True to form, this Tweet was about an hour and fifteen minutes late.

Ten minutes later, Giroux got hurt. *tumbleweeds*

Then the Caps scored.

This was followed by a Tweet about how Hextall ignored Williams when he was a free agent. You know, because the Flyers had lots of cap space and Williams would have filled the important need for a veteran on the downside of his career.

We have a solution to the Flyers offensive woes! Oh wait, it’s not that kind of offensive, though.

A fighter would have stopped that.

Coach’s challenge, y’all.


I see what you did there, you sly fox.

Big if true.

As in feet? Oh, right, back to the Flyers…


I am genuinely curious to know what Timmy’s keyboard looks like.

Well that explains that.


The game according to Flyers fans and bloggers

Maybe Kat’s not watching the game.

Best Flyer of all time.

Oh wait, this is the best Flyer of all time!

And just when Craig goes and praises him…

It’s rare that I disagree with Geoff. This is not one of those instances.

Gimme that, that, that D.

Sorry, Giroux. Your’e not allowed to be hurt. Keep playing with a separated shoulder or whatever you’ve had for two games now.

“Hello Mr. Bryzgalov, it will be $23 million for that ticket. I’m sorry, that’s the cheapest seat we have.”

4-2 Caps.

5-2 Caps.

4-2 Caps again.


Damn, Bill.

Still 4-2. Things are not going well.

Now it’s 5-2. Hmmm.

Ahhhh, perspective.

Tom Wilson is garbage

I don’t think anyone would expect anything less from a Tom Wilson fan.

LOL and I never LOL. Um, never.

That was not from today but still entertaining.

Game summary by a guy who doesn’t have the remaldo to do this

The Capitals took a lot of penalties at the beginning of the game and the Flyers could not *cough* capitalize *cough* on them. However, Philadelphia did briefly hold a monstrous 2-1 lead, which followed a whopping 1-0 lead. Then Claude Giroux got hurt. Then he wasn’t hurt. Tom Wilson continued to be a piece of dog feces. Then the Flyers took a lot of penalties. The Capitals *cough* capitalized *cough* on those opportunities. Then Alexander Ovechkin made history. Then he hadn’t. People complained this team needed more grit. Then they  complained it was time to trade Claude Giroux. Then Bill Meltzer took a shot at the team, which was awesome. Matt Read had a couple of chances but did not score. Jakub Vorek also did not score.


  • A new episode of Nathan For You is on tonight
  • Scott “Big Laughts” Laughton scored
  • Claude Giroux scored
  • Claude Giroux apparently did not die on the ice
  • Despite his best efforts, Tom Wilson did not kill anyone
  • Evgeny Medvedev is back
  • Pierre-Edouard Bellemare is nearing return


  • That little black rubber thing that kept sneaking behind Steve Mason
  • All the stuff that lead to lowlight number one


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