Markelle Fultz is a bust and Summer League proves it

First, let me say that I have never watched Markelle Fultz, or the Sixers, or the game called basket ball ever in my life. However, I think that I can safely judge that the Philadelphia 76ers‘ number one draft pick Markelle Fultz has already proven to be a bust.

The NBA Summer League remains the most important predictor of NBA success that exists apart from testing midichlorians. Just look at the top-five scoring rookies in Summer League history:

SL top-five

These future Hall of Famers tore up the Summer League, and unfortunately after two games played in the Utah Summer League, Fultz just hasn’t shown what those legends showed on the most important stage. Rather than averaging 30 ppg, Fultz is averaging five turnovers per game and has already missed a free throw. Also, he has looked fatigued. You know who has never been fatigued? Hall of Famers like Dorell Wright, LeBron James, and Shaquille O’Neal. Instead of eating all that Chicken Fil-A, Fultz should be doing wall squats, running suicides, and reenacting the training montage from Rocky 4 in Siberia until he’s not fatigued anymore. What is this league coming to? The Sixers should just draft the Troops from now on if they want to be amazing, which they clearly do not.

Mindless Trust the Processers will cry foul and claim that Fultz has been fine, or even very good. “He’s averaging 20 points per game on only 24.5 minutes per game,” they cry. “His shot is so pure and he has total confidence in it! He’s 6/13 on three-point shots,” they wail. “He’d be averaging 11 assists per game if he were kicking the ball out to players like J. J. Redick and Robert Covington,” they insist. “He’ll be unstoppable in the pick and roll – especially with Joel Embiid! How can you guard that?!” they fantasize. “He’s the perfect compliment to Ben Simmons – play the 2 when Simmons is in, the 1 when he’s out! Plus, he’s only 19 years old!”

While every single one of those things is certainly true, that’s no reason to think Fultz will somehow turn this around and suddenly not be terrible at basket ball. It’s only Summer League, TTP’ers, calm down.

Think you know more about basket ball than Josh? Unlikely, but please share with us!
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