Match Preview: Union at DC United, Saturday May 13th, 7 PM

The Union attempt to build on their win last match in the crumbling halls of RFK tomorrow.

Having shocked the league with a 3-0 win against the Red Bulls on the back of a C.J. Sapong hat trick and a clean sheet by Andre Blake, the Union go into DC this weekend for the first of three games in a span of week. They’ll follow this match with one against the Houston Dynamo in Chester on Wednesday, and one against the mightily-struggling Colorado Rapids next Saturday.

Manager Jim Curtin was absolutely right when he said this is a good chance to either gain or drop points, and the Union need points in the worst way. Only Colorado (four) has fewer points than the Union (seven). By the end of next weekend, the Union will have played a third of their matches, so losses need to turn into draws and draws into wins if they have any hope in making the playoffs.

For their part, the United aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire; with eleven points over nine matches, DC is below the red line and would join the Union in going home if the season ended today. The Union could conceivably take a point from this match if they play like they did last week. A point on the road doesn’t seem like much right now, but every point matters; not only is that a point the Union would gain, but it’s two points they would deny DC from getting.

Of concern is Roland Alberg’s quad, which may keep him out of this match. The Union may turn to Adam Najem to fill the hole, yet another reminder that this Union team is young but talented, and that Curtin isn’t afraid to throw the kids out there if he thinks they can do the job.

Can the Union put a points streak together of four matches? I say yes.

DC United 1, Union 1

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