Match Preview: Union versus Red Bulls, Sunday June 18th, 5 PM

The Union attempt to get back on the right path against the Red Bulls of New York this Sunday.

It wasn’t that long ago that the U hadn’t won since last year. The natives were restless. Things looked bleak. The season, which wasn’t that old, already looked lost. Then the boys in blue rolled the rival Red Bulls 3-0 in Chester and started a run of four straight victories. Things looked better.

After those four victories, the Union lost 1-0 in Rio Tinto to a moribund Real Salt Lake side and 2-1 to an NYCFC side in a match where the Union took a 1-0 lead and then folded like an accordion in shades of last year’s inability to close out matches. Sunday brings them full circle with the Red Bulls in town once again.

The Red Bulls since that 3-0 thrashing have lost 3-1 to the Galaxy, drew Toronto 1-1, beat New England 2-1 (all at home), then lost in Montreal 1-0. RBNY only has one win on the road this year, that against Atlanta. So it’s reasonable to say RBNY could cough up another three points to the boys in blue this weekend, something the Union sorely need.

Points gained early in the season count the same as points gained in the last month. Last year’s Union found that out when they blazed out of the gates to first place, slumped near the end of the year, and went to the playoffs anyways based on their early season results. You need to get the points when you can, which is why blown leads hurt so badly (especially within your own conference). They need to start shutting teams down when they take the lead, starting on Sunday.

Can the U get three this weekend? I say yes.

Union 2, RBNY 1

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