Match Preview: Union vs New York Red Bulls, Saturday, May 6th at 7 PM

The Union (0-4-4) look to snap their winless slide this Saturday against the Red Bulls in Chester.

In a rivalry game, all bets are off.

You see it in a lot of sports. One team in a rivalry is doing well, the other maybe isn’t doing so well. They meet and we watch as the announcers exhort us to “toss the records out the window, these two teams just don’t like each other!” Which is to say, teams generally don’t like the other teams they play against, but they truly dislike one or two other teams. Call it geographically convenient, call it tradition for Philly teams to hate New York teams, but for whatever reason, for the Union and their fans at least, the Red Bulls are that team.

New York is on sixteen points after ten matches, with a 5-1-4 record. They’re in second place in the East. And while they’ll probably beat the Union (because frankly, that’s the “in” thing right now, the draw against the lowly Galaxy last week notwithstanding), there is a hint of unpredictability about this match. The Union have a 4-4-2 record against RBNY in Chester. Memories of recent Open Cup matches and former RBNY managers slamming balls into the Talen Energy Stadium turf tease us with the faintest hope that yes, the boys in blue can pull it together just for this night and end this heinous winless skid.

But I doubt it.

Prediction: RBNY 2, Union 1

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