Match Preview: Union vs RBNY, 10/23 at 4 PM

With a playoff berth all but assured, the Union look to better their seeding against hated New York in their final regular season match.

The Red Bulls are in, and a point seals their top seed in the East. The Union are virtually in; only a loss and a New England win with a total goal difference of 12 would result in their non-qualification. The Union could even slide up to the fifth seed with a win if things break right. So what’s a manager to do?

On one hand, the Union play in the middle of next week regardless of their seed. Jim Curtin could give some regulars a rest, or a shorter run-out. On the other hand, it would be nice to go into the playoffs with some (any?) momentum, considering how bad the last two months have been for the Union. If the Union were a vehicle, they’d be a garbage truck in reverse, making that beep beep beeping sound while they back into the post-season.

If I’m Curtin, I get a point from tomorrow if possible. Clinch the playoffs on your own, and not on some kind of goal differential tiebreak. Then look at next match and see what you can do on the road.

This will probably be an ugly, physical game, as is often the case when these two teams meet. And while RBNY supporters hesitate to classify this as a rivalry (preferring their DC counterparts instead), the two teams aren’t exactly exchanging roses before the match. Look for more of the same.

Prediction: The Union get that point. Union 1, RBNY 1

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