McCoy Traded, Crappy Player Released

See Shady Traded

See Shady Traded

LeSean McCoy, who is also known as “Shady” or the guy who has four capital letters in his name, suffered the worst fate of any professional athlete today. McCoy is set to be traded to Buffalo.

The three-time Pro Bowler and two-time First-team All-Pro is now a Bill. You may recall the Bills as the team that lost four consecutive Super Bowls. Sorry, Shady.

In return, the Eagles will receive linebacker Kiko Alonso. Alonso played for Chip Kelly at University of Oregon.

“I think that this is a case where the coach, Chip Kelly, is going to have a lot of explaining to do,” said Al Morganti in reference to Kelly trading an elite player for yet another Oregon Duck.

Alonso missed the entire 2014 season after tearing his ACL. He also spent 2010 rehabbing from a knee injury. Meanwhile, McCoy finished 2014 third in the league in rushing yards.

Alonso was killing it before the ACL tear, though.

Earlier today, the Eagles released cornerback Cary Williams. The move opened up $6.5 million in cap space. Yay!

Hopefully, the Eagles will use some of their bountiful cap space to re-sign Jeremy Maclin. Yesterday, the Eagles decided not to franchise tag Maclin.

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