Moral Victories?

It says something that no matter how bad the N.L. East may be, the Phillies are absolute non-contenders. They have now lost 6 straight, 9 of 10 and 16 of 20. I could go on but I might cry.

W L Pct. GB Strk  Notes
Mets 34 30 .531 W1 This
Nationals 33 30 .524 0.5 W2 division
Braves 30 33 .476 3.5 L1 is
Marlins 27 37 .422 7 L1 bad!
Phillies 22 42 .344 12 L6 Anyone have a white flag handy?


What offense? In 6 games this week the offense managed just 11 runs scored. To make matters worse, that includes 5 extra innings of opportunities. With only 2 everyday starters batting over .250 and brain consistent brain cramps like Chooch not knowing a force play, Revere trying to steal 3rd in extra innings and over-sliding the bag followed by Galvis throwing away Sunday’s game with an error on a relatively routine putout, this team is somehow getting worse as the season goes on.


Somehow in a 0-fer week, there were actually highlights. Kevin Correia pitched strong in his first outing recording a ND on Friday with 5.2 IP, 5 H, 4 K and 0 runs. Cole Hamels followed that up on Sunday with a 7 IP, 4 H, 12 K and 0 runs. Add in teh bullpen which allowed just 2 runs in those games and that added up to…2 losses.

Around the N.L. East

Mets- After a 3-3 week including 2 of 3 from the Braves, the Mets are still holding on to first by Bartolo Colon’s belly. With 4 games against the smoking hot Blue Jays (11 straight wins) and 3 more against the Braves, we’ll see if that half game lead holds up.

Nationals- The Nats went 3-3 as well this week which kept them looking up at the Mets. The highlight was Sunday’s gem by Max Scherzer. Scherzer threw a 1 hit, 16K shutout against Milwaukee to cap off the week. Like the Mets, they have a tough week ahead with 4 against Tampa in a home and home and 3 against Pittsburgh. To show if they are the class of this division, they will need to have a solid week.

Braves- The Braves went 3-4 on the week but the killer was losing 2 of 3 to the Mets. This team has been the epitome of what their record indicates. They are an average team who can be hot or cold at any time. Despite that, they are still just 3.5 out. They will take on Boston for 4 and then the Mets for another 3 game set. A solid week could put them in the thick of the race or a bad week could start to bury them.

Marlins- The Marlins had a rough start to the week with 3 losses to the Blue Jays but then took 3 of 4 from the Rockies to salvage the week. The pitching staff gave up just 3 runs in the 4 game set with the Rockies. Dee Gordon is still hot, hitting at a .354 clip with 22 steals and Giancarlo Stanton is up to 23 HR. Unfortunately, that’s about all they have going fore them. With 4 against the Yankees, they have a tough start to the week like the rest of the division but they will finish the week with a struggling Reds team giving them one of the easier schedules of the division teams this week.

The Phils will start the week with a home and home against the Orioles and they better take advantage because after that, it’s 3 against the Cards and that is just the start of a really tough stretch. It’s getting uglier and uglier and it’s unlikely to change. But hey, Dom Brown is back and umm…Aaron Nola moved up to AAA. That’s something, right????

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