N.L. East: The Week That Was

Another week has gone by and things are still not looking as expected in the N.L. East. The favorite is floating near the bottom of the division and an expected bottom of the pack team is riding high and smoking hot.

New York Mets 14 4 .778 W1 A big winning streak to jump out early
Atlanta Braves 9 9 .5 5 L1 Going the other way after losing 2/3 to the Phils.
Miami Marlins 8 11 .421 6.5 W5 5 w’s in a row to climb out of the basement.
Washington Nationals 7 12 .368 7.5 L5 Has anyone seen the Nats yet?
Philadelphia Phillies 7 12 .368 7.5 W1 Still not hitting but the pitching is holding up…for now.

The Week that was in Philly

The week started roughly losing 2 of 3 to the Marlins thanks to some piss poor defense then somehow they took 2 of 3 from the Braves…thanks to some piss poor defense.

The offense has yet to wake up. With only 3 starters batting over .216, the Phils are looking to set some pretty impressive ineptitude records. Ryan Howard has officially taken the team lead in HR’s with a whopping 3! Freddy Galvis is still doing his best to make people forget about a certain Phillies all time hits leader. Batting .361 (5th in the NL and T-9 in the majors) with an .868 OPS.

On the mound, things are looking better. Cole has temporarily stopped throwing batting practice and Aaron Harang is still mowing down offenses with a 1.37 ERA in his 4 starts. The Phils may get a small glimpse at the future this week when Severino Gonzalez gets his first MLB start against the Cardinals on Tuesday. After a quick rise through the minors, a good showing could get him an extended look. The back end of the bullpen has been virtually unhittable. If Jake Diekman can get his issues straightened out and the starters can continue on the path they’ve been wandering  down so far, they could at least keep the Phils upright in the hopes that some semblance of an offense eventually shows up.

Around the N.L. East

Mets- The offense is flat out raking while the pitching has been average but balanced. Led by, of all people, Bartolo Colon, the starters have been piling up Quality Starts left and right. If this keeps up, the Mets may just be the last man standing.

Braves- 3-7 in their last 10, the Bravos are going in reverse in the last week and are 5 back of the Mets. After being the best defensive team in baseball, the Braves defense committed 4 errors to cough up a game against the Phils the other night, including the game winner.

Marlins- They’ve won five in a row starting with the Phils earlier this week catapulting them into 3rd, just a game behind the Braves.

Nationals- After a sweep by the Marlins, they have lost 5 in a row and are falling fast. Matt Williams may be on an early hot seat if he can’t turn this around soon.

It’s been a topsy-turvy first few weeks. The biggest question is whether this is what we should expect to see throughout the summer or if the poker game currently being played by the baseball gods will see the chips moving back to the other side of the table where they were expected to be.

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