NHL 2016 Draft Profile: Alex DeBrincat

Via OHL Pucks

Via OHL Pucks

After looking at Julien Gauthier last week, this week brings the subject of another player, who’s the exact opposite in appearance of Gauthier in Alex DeBrincat.

Via Elite Prospects:

DeBrincat is a small player with a dynamic skill set. He is a pure sniper, scoring over 50 goals in two straight years in the OHL. He is very undersized, but can be very nasty to play against and shies away from no one. He had to deal with injuries at the 2016 World Junior Championship, but that did not hamper his production when he returned to the OHL. He skates well and is very effective around the net. He is hard to contain for such a small player, and has great chemistry with anyone he plays with. A decade player in the OHL. (Tyler Parchem, EP 2016)

Unlike the giant Gauthier, Gauthier is 5’7 161lbs, but in a league where Shayne Gostisbehere can find himself a Calder nominee, his skill will be quite useful.

When it comes to determining how DeBrincat would perform in the NHL, the expected production chart for the OHL can calculate his expected performance. Including playoffs, DeBrincat had a point per game ratio of 1.64 in the Ontario Hockey League. This calculates to .526 points per game in the NHL or 43 points per 82 games in the NHL. Remember, this isn’t a prime years scoring output, this would be a rookie year. As he develops and grows, DeBrincat would hopefully become a true top flight scorer.

With the Flyers needing an elite scoring prospect, DeBrincat will surely get a long look as a potential mid first round pick. Of course, his dynamic scoring may cause a team to pick him before the Flyers even get on the board.

Unlike Gauthier, DeBrincat’s ceiling and floor and much further apart. As a ceiling, DeBrincat will likely see himself become a shifty scorer like Martin St Louis, but should he fail, he could be a quick flash in the pan like Jason Akeson.

Of course, the truth is likely somewhere in between, and a fair comparison for DeBrincat might actually be another former Flyer: Danny Briere.

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