NHL Entry Draft Profile: Dylan Gambrell

Like last year, the 2016 NHL Entry Draft is fairly deep. Ron Hextall and the Flyers have a few extra mid to late round picks to work with. As such, it’s important to take a look at a potential mid to late round steal.

One late round pick is NCAA star from the University of Denver, Center, Dylan Gambrell. He’s projected to go in the 5th round by one mock draft. Elite prospects ranks him 67 (among North American skaters) to 138.

As such Gambrell could go anywhere between round 3 and round 5. The Flyers have two picks in round 3, potentially two more in round 4 and a single 5th round pick as of now. Gambrell could potentially be a decent pick in this range.

Gambrell was a solid NCAA scorer, which bodes well for this NHL future.

At 1.15 points per game in the NCHC of the NCAA, we can project Gambrell’s future in the NHL. His ratio projects to .47 points per game per Vollman’s model or 39 points per 82 games. In other words, Gambrell is already the middle six scorer the Flyers need.

He’ll be available in the middle rounds and as an NCAA player, can stay in school to avoid an expansion draft loss. As such, he’d be a wise investment, even in round three. If the Flyers are worried, taking him in round 2, while a slight reach is not entirely a bad idea either.

The Flyers need to load up on scorers, and Gambrell is a low risk, high reward player. At worst, he goes from mid round pick to AHL depth player, at best, he finds himself as a middle six forward. In an even more perfect world, after his NCAA development completes, he blossoms into a top line wing.

Either way, Dylan Gambrell is someone the Flyers should be looking at in the middle rounds of the draft.

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