Nike’s Color Rush mails in the Philadelphia Eagles “new” uniforms

Tuesday, Nike revealed the Color Rush uniforms for every NFL team. These alternative, monochromatic jerseys and pants are to be worn on the Thursday Night Football games this year (with the exception of the Thanksgiving games). While a few teams got the Color Rush jerseys last season (to mixed reviews), all teams, even those that won’t play in them, will get to participate this season.

NFL Shop Nike Color Rush Uniforms

Except that not all teams actually got redesigned jerseys. The Philadelphia Eagles will be wearing the same black jerseys they have had for years, paired with black pants and black socks. The Bears, Colts, Chiefs, and Steelers are among those that apparently will wear preexisting jerseys with the same color pants for the Color Rush games.

For the “new” Eagles jerseys revealed in the tweet above, changing the midnight green trim for black or dark gray might have created a better “all black everything” effect and given fans something new to get excited for (and let’s be honest, purchase).

Interestingly, some teams, including the Giants, will be wearing white to prevent the problem of all red and all green teams facing off against one another – making them nearly indiscernible to viewers who are colorblind, as was the case when the Jets played the Bills last season.

Fans will get to see these Color Rush uniforms in action when the Eagles host the Giants on Thursday Night Football on December 22.

What do you think? Did the Eagles and Nike miss an opportunity to do something retro with kelly green or maybe silver? Tell us in the comments or Tweet us @PattisonAvenue.

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