Oskar Lindblom: the Scoring Will Come

With ten games under his belt, Oskar Lindblom is still pointless. However, there is no reason to give up on him just yet, he’s likely due to break through with the same scoring ability that saw him lead his Brynas squad in scoring in the Swedish Hockey League in 2016-17.

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Lindblom’s possession numbers have been very solid. Despite not getting a point, the line he’s been on, with Nolan Patrick and Jake Voracek has been consistently talented and driving play up ice into the offensive zone. As such, he’s due to stumble his way into points eventually. At worst, even if he doesn’t find the scoring touch at the NHL, he’s at worst a third line play driving forward who can use that possession ability to kill penalties.

When it comes to play driving, his Relative Corsi shows that he’s not a passenger and his sub-50% Offensive Zone start number show that he is not taking soft minutes either. Rather, Dave Hakstol is using Lindblom in defensive zone situations.

As for PDO, at first glance, his 100.1 PDO would make you think that he’s not a victim of luck, but in fact, he’s had mutually cancelling out luck. In the offensive zone, the on-ice shooting percentage has been lower than average in favor of a nearly equal bump the other way for the Flyers netminders.

As such, eventually the puck will find its way into the net, on both sides of the ice, and that should likely lead to points for Lindblom.

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In terms of linemates, given his limited 5v5 minutes and lack of samples, there isn’t much to go on. However, the most important thing to take away is that Lindblom has picked up the play of both Jake Voracek and Nolan Patrick. This is the same play driving ability that caused Ron Hextall to say the following to Bill Meltzer, as posted on Meltzer’s twitter:

As such, there’s no need to worry about Lindblom, the scoring will come and he’s earned his time as a middle six forward.

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