Phillies ICYMI Monday: 12/30/19

Happy New Year Philadelphia Phillies Phans!

It was another quiet week for the team with one still unannounced signing by the team, and the other main news is, two of the long tenured players they let go, found homes on other teams.

Another intriguing spring training signing:

Though it has not been officially announced, USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale tweeted on Thursday, that the Phillies have signed veteran Christian Bethancourt to a minor league deal. Other outlets have noted it as well. Below Alex Carr of @TheGoodPhight highlights some of the possibilities.

Bethancourt is also noted for having a strong arm, which adds to his versatility, a virtue the Phillies value, making him available to play both sides of the outfield. His last full year in the majors was 2016, and he spent last season in Korea.

Two Ex long time Phillies Find Homes in the AL:

Both Cesar Hernandez, and Maikel Franco inked deals this week with American League teams.

Cesar signed a one year deal with the Cleveland Indians for an as yet unconfirmed $6.25M, while Maikel joined the Kansas City Royals at $2.95M for the same term. His deal also has a bit over $1M in performance bonuses.

The Phillies do not face either of those teams in 2020.

Both are expected to start.

Also, just a bit less tenured Corey Dickerson, will face the Phillies as he has reportedly made a two year, $17.5M deal with the Miami Marlins.

We here at PattisonAve wish them the best of luck.

On Deck:

The next notable date for MLB is 1/10/20, the deadline to submit salary arbitration figures. We will have more on that in a later edition, along with any more spring training or FA signings.

I am not much for being nostalgic and looking back. There are plenty of places on the interwebs for year and decade ending extravaganzas. My pleasure in watching baseball has always been, as much as the winning, watching how young kids develop into MLB players, and rebuilding of teams to get into contention.

The latest rebuild for the Phillies shows a lot of promise, and hopefully the Manager and Coaching changes, as well as off-season additions and subtractions, will bring about a measurable improvement, and all expectations should be for a playoff spot in 2020.

Meanwhile pulling of an incredibly gutsy four week run, that other outdoor team on Pattison Avenue, despite suffering injury after injury, are somehow your NFC East Champions! They will have a home game next weekend against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday at 4:40 PM.

So I will do as I Have done past seasons, and leave you with.

#FlyEaglesFly  E-A-G-L-E-S-EAGLES!

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