Phillies Phriday Phill-Ins 08/16,23/18 Travel and Technical Difficulties Edition

I am writing this short post to explain why I have not been able to do my Phillies Phriday Phill-Ins posts for 8/16 and most likely not 8/23 either.

As I mentioned in my last post we were on the road to Maine on Thursday and Friday so I was not able to watch or write about the last week’s games.

This coming week, I am in a secluded spot near Rogue Bluffs Maine, where our house has this Hughes Satellite internet. To put it mildly like cell phone coverage up here, it flat out sucks, at least for my laptop. The WiFi barely connects and restarts every 10 minutes or so making it almost impossible to follow the games.

Add to this that I could not even watch the NBCS live stream of the Phillies games as I kept getting a message about blackout restrictions. Maybe because it was the Mets and I am too close to NY?

My only recourse was to plug directly into the modem and work in this 2X3 Laundry room to write and publish this post.

The upshot is unless something changes in the next few days, I will not be posting again this Friday.

Much thanks to my colleague Seamus Killean adding on to his work load to include these weekday games into his Monday Wrap-Up of the Phillies and the tenser by the day NL East race.

So you don’t think this is ruining our vacation, this is the view from our house this week.

..and at least, as of this posting, your Philadelphia Phillies are still in 1st for the WC and only .5 out of 1st in NL East w/ 38 games left.




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