The Price Is Right! Flyers Beat Habs 3-2 In OT

1st Period

Flyers debut two

It’s hockey night in Philly

Hi, Oskar and Petr!


Flyers dominate

But cannot crack Carey Price

Need to keep shooting


Montreal breaks through

Lyon screened, Jeff Petry scores

Habs lead after one


2nd Period

Finally break through

Power play goal for Patrick

Juicy apple, G


Manning mollywhopped

Didn’t have a chance in fight

Five min. for fighting


Flyers again strong

Both goalies playing real tough

Tie game after two


3rd Period

Lyon missed poke check

Byron deposits the puck

Habs take lead again


Flyers tie it late

Jake wrister goes through five hole

Just as Lyon left




Flyers have chances

Applying great pressure, but

Cannot finish game


Filppula defense

Flyers hustle down the ice

Jake makes move and scores!


Flyers win the game

Come from behind victory

Final score, 3-2

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