Projecting Prospects: Brandon Manning

 Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Sitting in the pile of Flyers defensive prospects is one who happens to have a one way deal for next season, Brandon Manning.

Manning was an absolute stud in the AHL this past season, racking up 43 points in 60 games. The real question is, how will this translate to the NHL where he just might have a regular spot next season. The answer is of course found in NHL-equivalencies which attempts to convert play from different leagues to the NHL.

Per Gabriel Desjardins’s chart a 24 year old like Manning has a .33 NHL-E rating coming from the AHL to the NHL. So for Manning, who had .717 points per game in the AHL this season, this means it is fair to expect .2365 points per game or 19 points per 82 at the NHL level. Now, realistically speaking, Manning won’t see top pair power play time in the NHL like he did in the AHL, and while he might catch some shifts on the second unit, it’s more than likely that he finishes in the 10-12 point range instead.

Manning’s probably a #6 defender on a team loaded with number six defenders, unlike Grossmann, MacDonald and Schultz though, Manning is actually paid like a 6th defender. Manning’s inability to stay in the lineup isn’t because of talent, but will likely end up being a product of the Flyers poor asset management on the blueline where a ton of very bad players are forced into playing time because of their contracts.

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