Projecting Prospects: Danick Martel



Last week, the Flyers made their first splash for the 2015-16 season by signing forward Danick Martel to an Entry Level Contract. Martel was tearing up the QMJHL and leading his team, Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, in scoring.

  Undrafted, Martel has climbed up in terms of scoring as he got older in the QMJHL. This year, he’s had over 102 points in 64, good for 1.59375 points per game. That’s promising for a forward getting ready to make the jump to the professional ranks.

Based on the NHLe Charts, the QMJHL to NHL scoring is 0.26 points per game. For Martel, in his QMJHL career, he earned .99 points per game. This breaks to .258 points per game or 21 points per 82 games.


Martel is a left wing, and as such projects to be a solid addition to the third line right now.  With a bit of AHL seasoning, there’s a chance Martel can develop and play himself into a solid middle six forward role. Right now, Martel’s cheap ELC means that he’s an affordable option for a middle six wing spot. Ideally; he’ll become the player the Flyers hoped to get in Jason Akeson, but getting there would require the Flyers to not misuse him by forcing him into a fourth line role.

Given the Flyers will likely need to shed salary and the fact that both Schenn brothers could be on the chopping block, Martel is likely a decent option for picking up some of the available minutes in the role vacated by Brayden Schenn.

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