Projecting Prospects: Sam Morin


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Picked in the first round round of 2013, Sam Morin has been compared to Chris Pronger by just about anyone. While his size matches Pronger’s, he likely doesn’t have that offensive game that made Pronger one of the top 3 defensemen of the last 15 years.

  Morin’s offensive game struggled before his final year of Junior. But he has filled out in size, and at 6’7″ 225lbs making him one imposing figure on the ice. Having worked with Pronger during the previous offseasons, it’s possible Morin learned some tricks from Pronger, but expecting him to be a Hall of Fame caliber defender is just too much pressure on a player who’s yet to play an NHL game. That said, there are very good defenders who have similar projects to Morin. One of them is someone Flyers fans are quite familiar with: Braydon Coburn.


Coburn’s offensive game was similar to Morin’s in Junior, and in the NHL, he was never known as a puck mover, but rather, a defender who could defend the blue line. Coburn’s ability to disrupt zone entries by opposing forwards made him a favorite of many people and it’s why he always tasked with the big tough minutes for the Flyers.


Via: Own the Puck

Via: Own the Puck

Coburn’s a solid second pair defender, and if the Flyers have the next Coburn in Morin, they’ve done a very good job with that pick.

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