Prospects Revisited: Nicolas Aube-Kubel

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

A few short months ago, we looked at Nicolas Aube-Kubel just past the halfway point of his QMJHL season. Since then, he’s gone on and had a very good QMJHL season at the age of 18. Heading into his age 19 season he has driven his ceiling even higher than originally anticipated.



In the original piece, I originally projected Aube-Kubel as being a 25 point middle six forward. Well, with more data, we can update the projection. Per Rob Vollman’s updated NHLe’s from 2013, his complete most recent season roughly translates to 28 points per 82 games, which is up 3 points from the season midpoint.

In his combined regular seasons and playoffs for his draft year and draft+1 year, Aube-Kubel scored .964 points per game. Using Gabe Desjardins’s chart for implied NHLe’s via the AHL, we can try to adjust for minor league development. Using the .68 implied max for points per game,  Aube-Kubel projects to 54 points per 82 games which is a top line right wing.

Here’s the best part and the biggest reason to be excited for Nicolas Aube-Kubel, he just turned 19. This means he’s really only played an age 17 and age 18 campaigns and still has a full Age 19 season in the QMJHL and likely an age 20 season in the AHL to really breakout. It’s honestly possible for Aube-Kubel to develop further and become a full on two-way force in the game.

So, the final conclusion is, Nicolas Aube-Kubel isn’t a third liner with possible top six talent, he’s likely a solid 2nd liner with top line potential.

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