Randy’s NFL 6-Pack and Eliminator Picks: Week 3

NFL’s Week 3 is full of must win games that you can use to win some money this week. Teams like the Jaguars, Colts, Bears and Washington are all 0-2 and are slight underdogs this week in very winnable games. I like all four teams to cover and win this week. The Saints are also 0-2 with a very winnable game, but they’re favored. I love picking 0-2 teams in Week 3. A desperate team is a dangerous team in this league.

Last week I foolishly picked the Lions with my survival/eliminator pick and lost. Relying on the Lions as a must-win team is like betting your savings on Donald Trump not saying something stupid for a whole day. It could happen, but you probably shouldn’t wager any amount of money on it happening. I’m in the loser’s bracket of my eliminator league, but I’ll keep making picks all season long regardless of what happens and we’ll track my record either way.

Here are my Week 3 picks, heavy on the desperate 0-2 teams:


Arizona Cardinals(-5.5) at Buffalo Bills: Remember when I said I was going heavy on the desperate 0-2 teams? Yeah I should have said 0-2 teams with a competent head coach, quarterback and front office. Buffalo has neither. When I projected every game before the season I had the Bills winning 5 games and I was surprised I had them winning that many. The Bills are a steaming pile of trash who choose to fire their offensive coordinator after scoring 31 points on the Jets the week before they play the Cardinals. I think this one gets really ugly. The Bills don’t have any player on either side of the ball that scares you and their organization has reached a USC level of dysfunction.


Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars(+2.5): Everyone pokes fun at the Eagles starting schedule, but what about the Ravens first two opponents? They beat the Bills and Browns by a combined score of 38-27. The Ravens are 2-0, but I believe they are the biggest frauds in the league right now. This is a 6-10 team that squeaked by two really awful teams. The Jaguars hung in tough with the Packers, but fell apart a week later against the Chargers. Gus Bradley is supposed to lead Jacksonville into the playoffs this year, or at least have a winning record. Losing this game might cost him his job before we even get to October. I love me a desperate team, at home, against a fraud.


Washington Fightin’ Cousins(+3.5) at New York Giants: The Giants are getting some major love from the media right now while the sky is falling for Washington. This has lead to a very favorable line for Washington. Wash is still scoring a lot of points despite the poor start, while New York has faced two garbage defenses and scored 36 total points. I think the Giants defense gets exposed as the mediocre bunch they still are this week and Washington gets on the win column.


LA Rams at Tampa Bay Bucs(-3.5): I don’t care who they play, whenever the Rams get a win this season, pick against them the following week. The Rams have a really good front four andddddddddddddddd pretty much nothing else. They won a defensive battle last week against a beat up Seahawks team they know very well. I like Tampa and Jameis Winston to bounce back in a big way after completely embarrassing themselves against Arizona last Sunday. I think this one could be the biggest blowout of  the week.


San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts(-1): I love the Colts in this match-up. Yes their offensive line and secondary is a mess, but with the poor Chargers defense and health of their receivers, I don’t think they can expose the Colts like Detroit and Denver did in the first two weeks. Colts have enough talent to compete in the weak AFC South and will take advantage of the Houston loss on Thursday.


Chicago Bears(+6.5) at Dallas Cowboys: I was actually impressed with Chicago’s defense Monday night. They are physically up front, they have a ton of length and their secondary plays the ball well. They aren’t an elite unit, but they will keep their offense in most games, especially when Jay Cutler isn’t turning the ball over. With Brian Hoyer set to start, I like Chicago in this one, or at least keeping it lose. Dallas has had 10 scoring drives, 4 resulting in touchdowns and zero resulting in passing touchdowns. I think this is the week Dak Prescott comes down the earth and turns the ball over at least twice.


Elminator Picks- Saints over Falcons: Saints are a legit playoff team this year. I love them at home, in primetime and against a familiar foe. The Saints have lost twice by a combined score of 4 points. This is where the law of averages takes over and the Saints get a little luck on their side. They lost Week 1 on a fade pass on a two point conversion and in Week 2 the difference was a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown. Things should even out this week.






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