Realistic Rental 2017: Mark Streit

With the 2016-17 season slipping away, Ron Hextall will have quite a few moves to make with several expiring contracts. Defense is always at a premium and the Flyers have several depth defenders they can send away to help make an impact somewhere else.

Let’s look at Mark Streit, at age 39 and with Morin, Hagg, Sanheim, Myers and more defense coming through the pipeline to join the Flyers soon, is highly unlikely to be a part of the Flyers moving forward. Even with a 5.25 cap hit, the expiring nature of the contract means retaining 50% means Streit leaves with a 2.625 cap hit for his acquiring team.

Via HockeyViz

Via HockeyViz

Possession wise, Mark Streit gets good results with Provorov, Gudas or Gostisbehere and not so good results with Schultz or Del Zotto. This is actually a pretty good indicator of where Streit is right now, he’s no longer good enough to drive play with a bad partner, like in his Islander days where he made Andrew MacDonald look decent, but he still has enough talent to supplement a good partner without completely dragging them down.

Via Own the Puck

Via Own the Puck

In terms of possession impact, Streit’s still generating 2nd pair possession impacts with borderline top pair scoring rates. His impact is mostly offensive, as he’s no longer a top 4 shot suppressor.

As such, any team in need of powerplay help and a depth defender fits the bill. Last night, while the Flyers lost 4-1 to Washington, the Oilers lost Andrej Sekera with a hand injury. A Mark Streit rental, especially for an Oilers team desperate to make the playoffs, makes a ton of sense. With Ron Hainsey being dealt early this morning for a 2nd round pick and a 26 year old AHL body in Danny Kristo,

As such, that’s probably the starting point of a Streit negotiation. While the 2017 draft may be weak, acquiring more picks is a good start to building up assets to flip for another scoring forward.

Mark Streit came to Philadelphia to do a job, now his final task is to fetch as much of a rental price tag as he can.

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