Realistic Rental Series #4: Ray Emery


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As the Flyers playoff hopes sit at slim to none, even with the recent winning streak. We continue to look at players the Flyers might be able to cast off in hopes of retooling and improving for the future.

On the hot seat tonight is Ray Emery. Emery has not had a good season by any measure. His stats and visuals both confirm the 32 year old netminder is pretty much done by NHL standards. Injuries have taken their toll on Razor Ray and at this point, he’s highly unlikely to garner any NHL offers for next season. He’s likely lost the internal backup option for next season to Rob Zepp.

Emery’s stats are quite ugly to say the least:


Among goalies with 50 or more games played since January 2013, Emery ranks 40 of 44 in Save Percentage, above Ilya Bryzgalov, the oft-injured Nick Backstrom, the shell of Martin Brodeur, and Anders Lindback. A league average goalie in that time frame would post about a .913 SV%, or essentially Kari Lehtonen/Jonas Hiller/Eddie Lack and rank between 25 and 26 on the list.

But, oddly enough, that doesn’t mean the Flyers might not be able to pull an asset for him between now and the trade deadline.

Pekka Rinne, Sergei Bobrovsky, Corey Crawford, Jimmy Howard, Brian Elliot are just some of the goalies who have spent time on IR or LTIR this season. In the case of NSH, CHI, DET and STL, these are teams in the playoff hunt who might want a warm body in net.

So, what type of trade value does Emery have?

Well, Emery’s basically a replacement level goalie; if a team brings him on board, they’re not bringing him in to play, they’re bringing him to warm the bench while someone else plays. ┬áThis rules out Chicago, who would likely go with a Scott Darling/Antti Niemi duo in net.

Should Elliot go down again for the Blues, the fact they turned to Brodeur over Jake Allen suggests they’d try to acquire a rental starter instead.

Emery would fit on a team that doesn’t want to call-up a young goalie to warm the bench behind their starter during a playoff run. Basically the hope for the Flyers isn’t a starting goalie going down, but rather a backup.

A team looking to rent a backup goalie just to exist could cough up a 7th round pick to guarantee they get Ray Emery. In fact, the Flyers could even consider retaining some salary to make that a 6th rounder. The fact is, that’s all they will get. At best a 6th round pick, realistically a seventh round pick.

The other possibility is the Flyers “gauge interest” on Emery by tossing him on waivers and hoping someone bites.

It may not be glorious, it won’t be a huge return, but not all rentals need to be home runs. Just clearing an expiring contract for a pick is a win. And who knows, maybe that 7th round pick ends up being the next Ondrej Palat or Carl Gunnarsson or Jason Demers or just some random AHL/ECHL fillin. Either way, having a lottery ticket is better than Emery.




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