Realistic Rental: Yevgeni Medvedev

(Photo credit: Amy Irvin, 38 Photography)

(Photo credit: Amy Irvin, 38 Photography)


Yevgeni Medvedev signed a one year deal last summer to basically fill the spot vacated by Braydon Coburn.

Via Own the Puck

Via Own the Puck


From a strict possession standpoint, that actually worked out quite well for the Flyers. Of course, Medvedev’s penalty differential is actually the worst on the defense, which probably contributes to why Medvedev finds himself in the pressbox as often as he has this season.

Of course, with an expiring contract and multiple defensive prospects on the way, there’s no reason that Medvedev isn’t available. Given his lack of an NHL track record and erratic play, especially in the defensive zone, there’s no change he fetches what Coburn or Timonen did last year. Realistically, the most Medvedev will pull is likely a third round pick. With no salary slots left to retain money, getting a 3M contract moved might be a bit difficult.

Given the fact that Medvedev’s one season has been erratic, it’s a stretch to think perennial contenders will use him. However, both Detroit and Washington likely could use a third pair defender and both have strong Russian presences on their team, which might help set a favorable view of Medvedev.

With the lack of pedigree and no way to retain money, the most the Flyers can ask for in return is probably a third round pick. If any team anywhere goes to a second round pick, the Flyers would be wise to take the deal before that GM changes his mind. Given that it’s an expiring deal, and Medvedev is a 33 year old career KHLer, it’s not like he’ll be around long enough to burn the Flyers even if they deal him in the division, so Ron should make 29 phone calls about Medvedev and just take the first deal that’s a “yes” on Medvedev.

Now, this cynical view on trading him isn’t because I think he’s a bad player. I do think he’s a serviceable top four defender, but the penalty differential and lack of pedigree with certainly give NHL GM’s pause when thinking about bringing him on.

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