Citizens Bank Park

It is very difficult to picture doing anything outside when the wind chill is in the negatives, like it currently is in Philadelphia. I know it is cliché to say ‘think warm thoughts’, but try. Just imagine sitting outside in 75 degree (and warmer) temperatures all while enjoying a cold beverage and watching your favorite sport. While the image may just be a fantasy right now, this leads us to the #2 reason to watch our Philadelphia Phillies this season: Citizens Bank Park.

It was not that long ago that tickets were impossible to get. When a team sells out 247 straight home games, wins five consecutive NL East titles, and mix in two NLCS titles and a World Series championship and that is what happens. Well good news, Phillies fans! You have your ballpark back! The downside to winning is tickets are hard to come by, but the few upsides to losing is that you can go to a game whenever you want! Even better, use marketplaces such as and you can probably find tickets cheaper than face value.   The team may lose, but at least you can sit wherever you want at the going rate!

Plus, there is also the food. For ballpark eats, it is up there with the best. Food Network has named CBP Best Ballpark Eats back in 2007 and “The Bank” has been named most vegetarian friendly multiple times. You can use the money you saved on tickets to eat their food! Everyone wins!

Most importantly, Citizens Bank Park is gorgeous. It opened in 2004 and still ranks as one of the best ballparks in Major League Baseball. It is one of the few parks where you can walk around the entire main concourse and never lose sight of the game. There are games for kids, Ashburn Alley for food, and McFadden’s for drinks. Corniness aside, it really is fun for all.

Even though you may not like the majority of the outcomes at Citizens Bank Park this upcoming season (The Phils are projected to have 95 loses… ouch), the ballpark is reason enough to come watch the Phillies this summer. Plus, it will be a hell of a lot warmer than it is right now.

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