On the day where the world celebrates “love”, it is only appropriate to honor the one Philadelphia who is universally loved by the entire city. He is full of charm, wit, passion, and pride. Yes, our #4 reason to watch the Phillies this season is our beloved Phillies Phanatic.

The Phillie Phanatic was born in the Galapagos Islands and was introduced to the hearts of Philadelphians in 1978. Over the years he has become part of our family, as did his mother Phoebe and his “best friend” Phyllis (It’s okay, Phanatic. It’s Valentine’s Day. Just admit she is your girlfriend!). Regardless of the score of the game, he brings us joy with his on-field dances, dugout antics, or his hot dog cannon. There is never a dull moment at the ballpark with him there.

Our love for this flightless bird is not biased. He was voted “Best Mascot Ever” by Sports Illustrated For Kids in 2008, was a charter member of the Mascot Hall Of Fame, and is one of two mascots displayed at the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Basically, he is awesome and the whole world knows it.

The Phanatic makes a season worth watching, even if actual outcome may not be. The Phillies are the Phanatics one true love and he would watch this season no matter what, so you should too!

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