Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas will probably go down in Philadelphia history as the best broadcasting duo. For decades, their voice defined Philadelphia baseball. Ever since the two passed away, the television booth has yet to be the same. For the third straight season, the Phillies have a television broadcasting team that is different from the year before. What has stayed consistent is the radio booth. That brings us to the #5 reason to watch (or shall I say listen) to the Phillies this summer: Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen.

Just like hot dogs, summer, and Cracker Jacks, radio is synonymous with baseball. There is not better thing than to roll your windows down when driving or to sit out on the beach and listen to the ballgame. Scott and LA make those experiences that much more enjoyable. What makes the duo great is the fact they are absolutely different. Franzke is younger and much more ‘to the point’. LA is well… a goofball of a former player with no filter.   Somehow, it works. Their rapport with one another is not only comical, but also refreshing and shows their true knowledge of the game.

With the television booth still in a transition phase, fans have actually voiced their opinion to bring these two into the TV booth. They have both said they wanted to stay where they are and well they should. What they have going on in the radio booth works. Like they say, ‘don’t fix something that’s not broken.’

These two will never be Harry and Whitey. No one will ever be. Franzke and Anderson are unique in their own way and are worth every second of listening. Regardless of if they Phillies are good or bad this season, sit back, turn the dial, and enjoy listening to the boys of summer.

PS: If you are ever having a bad day, listen to a game umped by either CB Buckner or Joe West through the eyes of Larry Andersen and you will not be disappointed.

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