Sam Bradford will attend Eagles workouts today, is “excited to be back”

News broke this morning that Sam Bradford will be ending his brief holdout and will resume attending the Philadelphia Eagles‘ voluntary workouts this morning. Connor Barwin, who last week defended Bradford and said the quarterback would be back soon, told listeners to 94.1 that Bradford told him he would be back today. Shortly thereafter, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed that Bradford has told the Eagles he will be attending workouts this week.

Most Eagles players towed the company line during Bradford’s absence and said they looked forward to working with him again this season. Due to the brevity of his holdout, it is probable that players will welcome him back with little resentment, especially if he plays well. Fans, however, are far less likely to welcome back this prodigal son with open arms. Bradford’s trade demand has clearly backfired and he now faces a team and a city that is counting down the days until rookie Carson Wentz is ready to take the reigns.

Bradford released a statement saying he was “excited to be back on the field” and that he is “committed to my teammates and the Eagles organization.”

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