Hinkie resigns as 76ers GM–who’s really to blame?




Sam Hinkie resigned as general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s his 13 page letter to team ownership.


Reading Hinkie’s letter makes it obvious that there were other… influences pulling his strings. And I for one think it’s pathetic that these… influences would pull their support from the guy at this point in the “process.”

This year’s hiring of Jerry Colangelo and Mike D’antoni hinted at internal strife within the organization… and tonight’s move by Hinkie cemented the fact that despite his GM position, he wasn’t the one making all of the decisions.

I’ve loved arguing with friends about the Sixers over the past few years. How could you have done better? Joel Embiid’s injury problems have delayed the team’s competitive resurgence, but who would you have taken at #3 in 2014? Dante Exum shot under 35% from the field for Utah before he got injured too. Marcus Smart’s shooting numbers have regressed to abysmal numbers during his second year in the league. And we’ve seen how well Julius Randle has been helping his team turn things around.

The purpose of this post isn’t to hate on those young players though. There are many years to come that will determine their legacy in the NBA.

The hate’s on you, Sixers management. Congratulations on driving a progressive, forward-thinking mind right out of town. One of the worst parts is that they can now hire whoever the heck they want to bask in the success of the foundation that Hinkie worked so hard to build. It would take a serious effort to not win a lot of games in the next decade with the assets that Hinkie has grown.

We shouldn’t stop rooting for the 76ers. The team’s players, coaches, and fans have given way too much for that.

There are other people to blame.





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