The Haiku Review: Shootout Blues as Flyers Lose

Image courtesy of Frank Fimmano

Image courtesy of Frank Fimmano

First Period

Flyers down early

Neilson scored quickly on break

Fifty-five seconds!


Penalty kill win

Pebbles to G to Pebbles

Shorty goal for tie!


Leddy shot from slot

Isles get Power play goal quick

Tipped in by Nelson


Flyers outplayed bad

Barely registered chances

Need better effort


Second Period

Neilson strikes again

This one just seconds later

Gives Mason the gate.


New goalie comes in

Neuvirth his name, brand new game

Flyers dominate


Ryan White in deep

Pots goal passed Halak, cuts lead

Game is fun again


Simmonds kicks it in

Pad save by Halak on stick

Flyers down 3-2


Third Period

Giroux blasts third goal

May have been tipped, but who cares?

Flyers tie the game!


Breakaway Isles

Neuvirth looms large, makes the save

No rebound for you!


Flyers have pressure

Halak down-and-out? Butt no,

Makes saves while seated.




Neither team can pot a goal

Great, a damn shootout


Flyers cannot score

Okposo with nasty goal

Flyers lose 4-3

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