Streit Traded To Tampa B.. I mean Pittsburgh

With hope waning in the dying breaths of Deadline Day, Hextall made 1 fantastic trade that made up for a snoozefest. Hextall shipped only 39-year-old defenseman Mark Streit. It looked like Tampa Bay were scooping up a rental player in return for shedding center Valtteri Filppula’s contract + 4th/7th Round Picks. However, Streit was then shuffled on to the Pittsburgh Penguins in a 3-way trade that really made a lot of sense for all 3 teams.

The Flyers weren’t the big time sellers that a lot of us in the community had hoped for, but they did move their biggest piece (Streit) and got a very nice return. The trade market was very slow and that contributed to the lack of movement for all clubs, including Philadelphia. It would have been nice to see Michael Del Zotto moved, and maybe 1 of Bellemare, Vandevelde, or Schultz as a spare part, but it didn’t happen.

Streit Filppula

The Flyers Get

Valtteri Filppula + 4th Round Pick (2017) + 7th Round Pick (2017)

For the Flyers this was an absolutely monstrous return for a aged player who probably wasn’t in the plan for next season. The Flyers have too many young defensemen on the way and for Streit the writing was on the wall. The 4th and 7th Round picks are fairly negligible to be honest. There’s always a chance they’ll develop, and the Flyers have drafted well recently (props to the Scouting staff), but the likelihood of those players turning into NHL regulars is low.

The real prize here is Valtteri Filppula. In ‘Flips’ the Flyers get a 32-year-old center who has a reputation as a responsible 2-way forward that can score enough to slot into a 2nd line role if needed. The team is also straddled with his $5 million cap hit for next season, but that’s something the Flyers can stomach rather easily.

That’s right fans, the Flyers have cap space! A rare day indeed! With Del Zotto, Schultz, Mason and depth guys coming off the books this off-season the Flyers have around $13 million to play around with.

Filppula 5v5 vs Flyers

The table above tells us that Filppula has been able to score at Even Strength (5v5) better than any current Flyer this season. This has been a particular area of concern and I have to think these numbers were run by Hextall before he pulled the trigger. That’s especially impressive given Filppula’s zone starts are slightly slanted to the defensive end. His Corsi and Goals For %’s leave something to be desired, but that can be said for most of the roster.

The Lightning Get

Salary Cap room this off-season + 4th Round Pick (2017)

The 7th Round pick headed to Philly was actually dependent on Tampa being able to trade Streit! Thankfully it ended up happening and the Flyers got their sweetener. When the deal popped it seemed the Bolts might just use Streit as depth for a playoff run, but it ended up being all about money for GM Steven Yzerman.

The Lightning were able to get their 4th Rounder back from the Penguins, and in return they retained 50% of Streit’s salary for a cap-strapped Penguins team. Retaining the Streit salary this year wasn’t an issue, but Filppula’s contract was going to be a brick wall for Yzerman in the off-season.

Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Palat, Jonathan Drouin, and Andrej Sustr will ALL be seeking new contracts as RFAs. Not to mention Andrei Vasilevskiy’s extension is kicking in. Even with Filppula out of the picture it’s going to be tough for Tampa Bay to make all these young men happy.

The Penguins Get

Mark Streit at 45% of his remaining 2017 salary

No-brainer and no risk for the Pens here. The 4th Round pick is pretty meaningless to a contender. Their Stanley Cup window will be open for the next 4-5 years; depending on Crosby’s eventual regression, and keeping their roster together/competitive. That shouldn’t be too hard considering most of the big names on the roster are on long term deals. Streit can slot into a 2nd or 3rd pairing depth role for the defending champs and provide what he always has, steady puck-moving ability and a pretty positive possession game.

Streit vs Penguins

Streit’s Even Strength stats are definitely sluggish this year (because Flyers), but that’s kind of expected when you’re 39 years old. It’s concerning that his 5v5 production is so low given his offensively slanted deployment. However, he has still managed to tow the line in terms of Corsi For % (despite getting filled in when it comes to Goals For %). He, along with fellow vet addition Hainsey, will slot-in somewhere in the bottom 2 pairs, and be deployed in niche roles. For Streit that probably means a bit of Powerplay time.

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