The 2015 Eagles Schedule & Predictions


The Eagles’ Schedule has been released and it seems to be easier than expected. Predicting the Eagles’ record this season will be significantly harder than in years past due to the fact that no one has any idea what the finished product of this roster will produce. This is ultimately a brand new team, featuring new Linebackers, Corners, Receivers, Running Backs, and Quarterbacks. On paper the team looks solid, but as for chemistry and overall play together we will not know until the games begin. The Eagles’ schedule along with my pre-training camp prediction will be posted below:

Note: This prediction is assuming that all key players stay healthy and on the field.

Home or Away Opponent Date & Time Win or Lose (prediction)
Away Atlanta Falcons 9/14 @ 7:10 PM W
Home Dallas Cowboys 9/20 @ 4:25 PM L
Away New York Jets 9/27 @ 1:00 PM W
Away Washington Redskins 10/4 @ 1:00 PM W
Home New Orleans Saints 10/11 @ 1:00 PM W
Home New York Giants 10/19 @ 8:30 PM L
Away Carolina Panthers 10/25 @ 8:30 PM W
Away Dallas Cowboys 11/8 @ 8:30 PM W
Home Miami Dolphins 11/15 @ 1:00 PM W
Home Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11/22 @ 1:00 PM W
Away Detroit Lions 11/26 @ 12:30 PM W
Away New England Patriots 12/6 @ 4:25 PM L
Home Buffalo Bills 12/13 @ 1:00 PM L
Home Arizona Cardinals 12/20 @ 1:00 PM L
Home Washington Redskins 12/26 @ 8:25 PM W
Away New York Giants 1/3 @ 1:00 PM W


Reasons why I predicted losses:

Week 2 against Dallas:

I don’t think that Chip Kelly’s new regime will have the chemistry and cohesion to play well enough to beat Dallas this early in the season. The Eagles often have a hard time playing against Dallas at the Linc as well. I do believe that Demarco Murray will have a chip on his shoulder and have a very impressive game against his old team, but I do not think the Eagles will quite have it together yet.

Week 6 against the Giants:

The Giants offense will be a beast that the Eagles have not seen in a while. Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz on the field together will simply be too much for the Eagles to handle for their first outing. I’m expecting Eli Manning to have a career year this season with two outstanding Wide Receivers as well as, Shane Vereen whose productivity primarily comes from the passing game.

Week 13 against the Patriots:

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Away Game. That’s why the Eagles are going to lose.

Week 14 against the Bills:

This game will have the Philadelphia media in a frenzy, comparing the Kiko Alonso – Leseaon McCoy trade. Lesean McCoy will be returning to Philadelphia and we will all witness vintage Shady tearing apart the defense. The Bills offense will be too explosive to contain and the underrated Bills defense is going to have pressure on our offense throughout the game. However, I do think this game can go either way, but I’m calling an Eagles loss by a small margin.

Week 15 against the Cardinals:

We saw last year what the Cardinals are capable of doing with a healthy starting Quarterback, I expect them to make a playoff push and deliver a late season loss to the Eagles. They are another team that the Eagles face that have an underrated defense and versatile playmakers.  Another game that can go either way but if the Eagles lose to New England and Buffalo, I expect that losing streak to stop week 16, not week 15.

These predictions are subject to change if there is a major injury or acquisition in the offseason or the draft. If the Eagles land a top receiver in the draft, anticipate more wins. I expect the Eagles to be 4-2 within the division losing twice at home. If Sam Bradford and Demarco Murray can stay healthy, this is absolutely a playoff football team. Key wins in New York and Dallas will come as a result of this team finding its stride. They will beat the Cowboys in Dallas coming fresh off of a bye week. The final two games of the season will ultimately decide the Eagles post season fate. Miami, Tampa Bay, and the Jets are all locked for wins. The 11-5 prediction is a best case scenario, they could easily fall to one of the mid-level teams that they play throughout the course of the season, but I only have them losing to Buffalo. The NFC East is going to be as tough of a race as we’ve ever seen, expect this division to reclaim its reputation for being one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

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