The Flyers Deserve More Nationally Televised Games

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Earlier this morning, NBC/NBC Sports Network released schedules for their 2015-16 NHL coverage. Let’s just cut to the chase: The Flyers are scheduled to play on national television 18 times. That is an absolute travesty.

This tweet from SB Nation’s Travis Hughes shows the number of national TV appearances for each team. Take a look.

Without wasting any more time, let’s go through this list and address all of the disgraceful injustices.

1. Chicago Does Not Deserve Any Games

Alright, I am simply fed up with NBC and their partiality to the Chicago Blackhawks. Since April 15th of this calendar year, the Blackhawks have had 23 nationally televised games. The Flyers have had zero. Absolutely ridiculous.

It is also important to note that putting the Blackhawks on national TV means subjecting the nation’s children to Corey Crawford. By using very foul and disturbing language twice now, I think Crawford has proven himself as a liability and should not be forced onto the television screens of youthful hockey fans.

2. Minnesota Does Not Deserve Any Games

The Minnesota Wild are on national TV 12 times. Absolutely shameful. The NHL has already answered their whining by awarding them an outdoor game.

Some might think that televising the Wild is good for ratings. Actually, it is bad. Putting the Wild on television attracts Bad Fans to hockey. This chart, obtained via science, compares the number of Good Fans who watch the Wild and the Flyers.



Staggering. The NHL should take those 12 games away from Minnesota and award them to Philadelphia.

3. Pittsburgh Does Not Deserve Any Games

Pittsburgh, for some reason, has 18 nationally televised games. They should only have four. The reason why is simple.

Putting the Penguins on television sends a bad message to our nations young hockey players. When children watch the poor leadership of Sidney Crosby live on television, they start thinking that laziness are poor leadership are okay. The following chart will show Crosby’s effect on our country since he entered the NHL in 2005.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.18.45 PMThe Penguins should have four nationally televised games, all against Philadelphia. The Flyers will inevitably win, because that is what always happens, and the children will learn that it is not okay to be a bad leader.

The NHL must fix these injustices immediately, or they risk attracting bad fans and developing poor leaders across the entire nation. The Flyers should have 40-50 games on national television next year. The fact that they only have 18 is ridiculous, and I will no longer be watching NHL hockey until this mistake is rectified.




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