The Phillies are On Pace for the Worst Record in 50 Years.

In 1972, Larry Bowa, Greg Luzinski, and Denny Doyle were members of the Philadelphia Phillies when they had a franchise worst record 59-97, since the season became 162 games long. In the Phillies long history, the team with the worst winning percentage was the first ever Phillies team in 1883 who went 17-81 with a winning percentage of .173. The season’s length was then changed to 151 games and that era, the worst team was the 1942 Phillies who went 43-109 with a winning percentage of .278, but in the current era of a 162 game season the 1972 Phillies had a .378 win percentage the worst in this era.

The current 2015 Phillies currently have a .346 win percentage, which is worse than the worst team in Phillies history since the season became 162 games. At the current rate, the Phillies are on pace to go 56-106 making them the worst Phillies team since 1962.

This is a Phillies team with Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon, who are both expected to be moved. The current 27-51 Phillies record was accomplished with by a team fully intact, now the Phillies have unsure leadership with an interim manager, changing pieces in the Front Office, and players on the move. My original preseason prediction of 62-100 may be a long shot at this point; the Phillies have become the worst team in the MLB by 3 games, but have the 8th highest payroll. Many of the players the Phillies are tied to financially are immovable, such as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. The Phillies had become a laughing stock on June 16th when they lost 19-3 to the Orioles, in a game where an aging Right Fielder pitched the only scoreless inning, but last Friday Ryne Sandberg quit his job as Manager turning this laughing stock into a disaster. The sad part is that the season is not even half way over.

The only positive left on this team is Maikel Franco, if the Phillies can manage to stay on this pace they will be the worst Phillies team in over 50 years, but it looks like the Phillies are only getting worse.

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