The Phillies have the worst offense in the league. Are there any bright spots?

Photo by USA Today Sports

Photo by USA Today Sports


Going into Friday’s action, the recent surge by the Milwaukee Brewers has left the Phillies only one game ahead of the team with the worst record in baseball.

Starting pitcher Aaron Harang (3-2, 2.35 ERA) has been one of the few bright spots of the roster so far, but the Phillies’ offensive numbers this year have been embarrassingly weak.

Philadelphia is dead last in runs scored, RBI, slugging percentage, and OPS. 29th in batting average, on base percentage, home runs, and total bases. 26th in total hits.

Besides Harang, is there anything we should be happy about?

Shortstop Freddy Galvis is the only player batting over .300. He is putting up numbers far better than former Phillie Jimmy Rollins is for the L.A. Dodgers. The 25-year old Galvis has provided highlights on both sides of the ball and seems to be well on his way to the best season of his young career.

Rookie center fielder Odubel Herrera has also been a pleasant surprise, batting .286 as an everyday starter.

Despite the solid start for these two players, advanced statistics such as BABip (batting average on balls in play) suggest that both Galvis and Herrera will see their offensive numbers regress as the season continues.

Even though BABip also indicates that Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has been perhaps the unluckiest player in baseball this year, it will take the resurgence of more than one player before this club can be considered anything close to a proficient offensive team.

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