Things You Can and Cannot Do with Mike Babcock’s Salary

Image c/o Kim Kardashian's petty cash drawer

Image c/o Kim Kardashian’s petty cash drawer

As the entire hockey world knows, Mike Babcock signed a contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs that will pay him $50 million over eight years. His wanted to be the highest paid coach in hockey and he accomplished that in spades, making double the AAV of the next highest paid coach, Todd McLellan of the Edmonton Oilers.

That’s a lot of freaking money. Even if he is making less than many athletes, the entire value of his contract is still difficult to put into perspective. So, let’s try to do that.

Things you can do with $50 million

Things you cannot do with $50 million

  • Win a championship with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Alexander Ovechkin wanted to be the highest paid player in hockey. The Washington Capitals granted his wish with an absurdly long contract that carries a cap hit of over $9.5 million but he has never made it beyond the conference semifinals. Ovechkin is an elite player with a big contract but that does not guarantee a championship.

Best of luck, Toronto. You got a good coach. Now you need to learn how to draft and develop players.



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