This One Should be Fun: Eagles v Pats Preview

Carlos M. Saavedra -

Carlos M. Saavedra –

The Eagles play the Patriots today in a game that will surely make us all sick to our stomachs. After being humiliated the last two weeks by bad teams the Eagles are traveling to Foxboro for a game against arguably the best team in the NFL. Nothing can go wrong, right?

With Sam Bradford expected back at QB the Eagles offense should look more … offensive? By contrast, after looking at the injury report, the Patriots are missing every single human being they have ever employed to make plays with the ball. Tom Brady will be throwing to his top 3 receivers Joe Washington, Ronald Romano and Dylan Thomas. Those actually aren’t even names of NFL players, but you believed it for a second right? I thought so.

If there were ever a time the Eagles could capitalize on an opponent it would absolutely be today’s game, but we’re smart enough to know that won’t happen. The defense has looked completely hapless the past two weeks and there’s little reason to believe anything will change in that department. I truly feel the best case scenario for this game is probably a hard fought close game where the birds are not embarrassed.

Final Score: 30-22 Patriots

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