Tim Tebow to sign with the Eagles

New York Jets v New England Patriots

Chip Kelly has surprised the football world once again. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports has broke the news that the Eagles are set to sign Heisman winner Tim Tebow. Tebow has not played in a regular season NFL game since 2012, after a successful run with the Denver Broncos he failed to find his place with the Jets and Patriots. Tebow worked out with the Eagles last month, even though it seemed as if his football career was over.

The one-year signing of Tim Tebow is just the most recent of the questionable off season moves. Tebow will be contending with Matt Barkley and GJ Kinne for the third-string Quarterback position. Matt Barkley has not shown much potential in the past, failing to prove himself when put in games. It is unclear whether not the Eagles will keep Tebow into the regular season, Tebow’s mobility and versatility could add a spark to the offense which they seem to be lacking. In the past Tebow’s sloppy form and poor footwork has caused him to be written off as an illegitimate quarterback in the NFL. His success in Denver was considered miraculous, and his failures with the Jets are considered to be a more accurate representation of his abilities. Even if Tebow makes the team, it’s doubtful that he will see much playing time. It will be interesting to see if Chip Kelly is planning on implementing special play packages for the mobile quarterback if he makes the team.


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