TRADE: 76ers Acquire Stauskas, Landry, & Thompson from Sacramento

The 76ers after a day of watching teams sign big name players to massive contracts finally made a move of their own around 11pm. The 76ers received Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson, and Carl Landry from the Sacramento Kings. What the 76ers have given up is yet to be announced, but the move was made by the Kings primarily as a salary dump to attempt to get Rajon Rondo, Monta Ellis, and/or Wes Matthews, but on top of the young talent the 76ers received, they got GM Sam Hinkie’s favorite thing, a first round draft pick!

2014-2015 Stats:


Name PPG APG RPG FG% Minutes Per Game
Nik Stauskas 4.4 0.9 1.2 36.5% 15.4
Carl Landry 7.2 0.4 3.8 51.5% 17
Jason Thompson 6.1 1 6.5 47% 24.6

Mini Bios:

Carl Landry:

Eighth year veteran, originally drafted by the Seattle Supersonics out of Purdue, and was the 2nd to last person taken in the 2007 draft. He is a journeyman of the Western Conference, he has been in and out of the Kings organization 3 times, and has played for the Rockets, Hornets, Warriors, and Kings. The 76ers are his first Eastern Conference team.

Nik Stauskas:

Highly coveted SG prospect, drafted by the Kings in last year’s draft 8th overall. Stauskas was a lights out three point shooter in Michigan, but never found his stride while with the Kings. The fears scouts had about him entering the NBA was that he was “not NBA ready”, hopefully he can find his stride in Philadelphia. Although he has a less than impressive stat-line, he managed a Free Throw Percentage of 85.9%.

Jason Thompson:

Born in Camden, played basketball at Rider University (1 hour from the Wells Fargo Center), and now returns to the Philadelphia Area. Averaged a career low in points per game last season, drafted in 2008 12th Overall. A Power Forward who is very “Thaddeus Young-like” meaning that he is very athletic and has the ability to make open shots, which is impressive because he is almost 7 feet tall.


All of their stats are underwhelming due to the fact that the Sacramento Kings were almost just as bad as the 76ers. Stauskas needs time to develop and the next couple years provide a great opportunity for him, especially on a Sixers team that lacks guards, shooters, and is stockpiling youth. Jason Thompson and Carl Landry can both act as mentors to the cavalcade of young big men in the 76ers locker room, expect Thompson them to average over 28 minutes per game. Lastly, all of their stats and performances will be marginally better now that they are in the weak Eastern Conference far away from the Warriors and Clippers whom they shared a division with last season.

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