Training Camp – Quarterback Update

The beginning of Training Camp is upon us, dawning the beginning of the Eagles season. The Quarterback questions have been looming across the Eagles for some time, between Sam Bradford coming in and Nick Foles leaving, as well as the addition of Tim Tebow. Eliot Shorr-Parks of reported the breakdown of reps between Eagles quarterbacks showing that Sam Bradford seems to be ready to go and comfortable behind center as he comes back from ACL surgery.


Sam Bradford was the only quarterback to throw an interception on Monday, but was also the first player on the Eagles offense to score a touchdown, connecting with Jordan Matthews on a near perfectly thrown ball. Despite being removed from the game for a long period of time, Bradford seems to be the clear cut starter, as he took the majority of the first team snaps. Through camp Bradford has gone 33/41 on passes, thrown one interception and one touchdown. He looked fluid in his motion and his foot work seemed to come back to him with time.

Mark Sanchez ran his reps mostly with the second team, with the exception of his four first team QB-Mark-Sanchez-Philadelphia-Eagles reps. Throughout camp Sanchez has been unable to connect on a touchdown, but also did not throw an interception. His pass attempts to completions were 22/35, a very poor completion percentage. Sanchez had a very hard time connecting, he showed himself to be a true backup quarterback, effectively silencing the “Sanchez Conspiracy Theorists” who believed that Sanchez would start the season over Bradford.

Earlier this offseason I broke a story about how Tim Tebow cut 16lbs. in one week, because the Eagles asked him too.  In that article it details his work outs with Tom Brady, world class coaches, and his UFC Fighter best friend, in which several people comment on his improvement and determination going into this season in Philadelphia. Tim Tebow looks nothing like Tim Tebow, his form has improved 100% and looks to be a new man. News outlets across the media are already declaring that he will make the roster, I wouldn’t say that yet, but Tim Tebow looks like he could be valuable to this Eagles team. He showed the Tebow-factor of being elusive and quick and also squeezed the football into some tight areas. His accuracy is still his achillies heal, but he completed 20/26 and took more reps than Matt Barkley.


Matt Barkley is catching a tough break. Barkley has been unimpressive throughout his career, but has been really trying to get past the Tebow hype and win this roster spot. He has performed in camp going 20/25 in his two days of camp, but has had his number of reps cut from Sunday to Monday and has been on the field the least. Frankly, Barkley is a solid third option at Quarterback, but Tebow is too much to ignore. Barkley will have an uphill battle to get onto the Eagles, part of me hopes that the Eagles trade him or cut him early so he has a better shot to make it on another team.

Written by: Jason Peters @JpetersTSR

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