Undrafted UFA Profile: Dylan Wruck

Via Eishockey Magazin DE, Germany.

Via Eishockey Magazin DE, Germany.

As the Flyers head into the offseason, if they plan to follow Ed Snider’s hope of a playoff appearance next season, the Flyers need to add UFA talent via the undrafted route rather than the traditional UFA market. This is doubly true given the Flyers cap situation.


Luckily, players like Dylan Wruck are available to step in on standard Entry Level Contracts. This would make him a cap friendly option to anyone, especially the Flyers.

There is on hangup on Wruck, he did just ink a 2 year extension (note article is in German) with his DEL club, but like most non KHL European contracts, he probably has an NHL out clause.

In his first full professional season in the DEL, he amassed 42 points in 58 games combining the regular season and playoffs. At .724 points per game, and an NHLe Rating of .52 for the DEL┬áper Gabriel Desjardins, Wruck projects as a 31 point per 82 games played NHL forward. Wruck’s WHL numbers project him at 26 points per the Vollman method. At 26-30 points, Wruck is a third line option.

However, his ceiling might be higher than that. Stylistically, sizewise, and statistically, Wruck compares to Tampa Bay Lightning forward Tyler Johnson, Johnson has more scoring touch as a center, but Wruck’s skill and LW position make him a potential 2LW with Couturier and Read or even a 1LW with Giroux and Voracek. Should Wruck grow into a Tyler Johnson like player, say putting up 45-55 points instead of the low 70s number Johnson scored this season, Wruck would be a solid, cheap, top 6 wing. At a cheap ELC that would be waiver exempt, it would be the worth the risk.

If Wruck doesn’t pan out, the Flyers could just reassign him back to his DEL club and have no harm no foul on the deal.

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