Week 2 Preview: Eagles vs Cowboys


This is a game that needs no introduction. This is the best rivalry in the NFL. This is simply a must win game for the Eagles.
Following a week 1 loss to the Falcons and the Giants handing the Cowboys a win that they didn’t deserve at all, the Eagles can ill afford to go 0-2 to start the year. After a brutal start to the first half of their game against Atlanta, the Eagles were firing on all cylinders in the second half. They will need to continue their excellent late game play led by apparent wizard Sam Bradford.
The biggest improvement will have to come in the run game where the Eagles were very poor all game. The Eagles were forced to run to the perimeter as a result of their poor guard play. This will absolutely have to change against Dallas and they need to be much stronger at the point of attack.
Dez Bryant will be out this game and for the foreseeable future following his injury sustained in last week’s game against the Giants. This is a huge relief for the Birds and Byron Maxwell who was cooked by Julio Jones last week. Any time a team is missing their best player it is bound to have a huge impact, the Eagles absolutely must take advantage of this.
I strongly feel the Eagles’ desperation and intensity will lead them to victory today. They know what needs to be done and will go out and execute.  Chip will have them ready to play. Eagles 31 – Cowboys 23.

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