Well, That Seems About Right

Recapping the week that was with the Phillies and the NL East

After an opening week where the Phillies played just slightly above expectations, week 2 was pretty much right on point. Following a one win week, here is how the NL East currently shakes out:

Mets 10 3 WTF???
Braves 8 4 What we thought
Nationals 6 7 They’ll pick it up
Phils 4 9 Yup
Marlins 3 10 Stanton isn’t going to carry them

The Phils are dreadful, especially offensively. After a week that saw Ryan Howard dropped to the 7 hole in the lineup for the first time in a very long time, things are looking extremely bleak. Back then, it was with a sense of promise, a lack of pressure and expectations that he would soon work his way into the heart of the order. This time around, it was with a hope and a prayer that maybe he’d learn to hit a fastball again. 4 days ago, I wrote an article detailing how Chase Utley and Jeff Francoeur led the team with 2 home runs. 4 days later, they still hold that designation with the same number next to it. The team as a whole is batting .213. 3 everyday starters (Utley, Howard, Revere) are hitting well under the Mendoza Line. If not for some of the youngest guys in the lineup (Asche, Galvis, Herrera) there is no telling just how horrific this team would look right now. Chase Utley has 5 hits for a .116 average and still leads the team in RBI’s. At least he’s making productive outs???

The pitching hasn’t been much to talk of either other than Harang and the back of the bullpen.

No one really had any expectations for the team but I think watching it has made it that much worse. They simply are not a good or fun team to watch. And it will not get any better. Yes, the biggest offenders may come around. It won’t be enough. Hamels may stop throwing longballs. It won’t help.

This team needs a lot of help. It won’t come this year without some drastic changes. That’s a whole other column though.

NL East Recap:

Mets- The surprise team of the division have won 8 straight after a 2-3 start. And it wasn’t even all against the Phils.

Braves- Their addition by subtraction approach seems to have worked so far. Dumping some of their dead weight in the Upton trade seems to be paying off.

Nats- 6-7 isn’t what they expected. making it worse is that 4 of those wins were against the Phils.

Marlins- Their lineup hasn’t been the problem although Stanton is stealing money so far. If the pitching can catch up, the Marlins could string together some wins. I’m thinking flying into Philly for 3 games this week will be a welcome sight.

Buckle up everyone…

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