Well, That Was Ugly!

Well, that was a (fill in your favorite adjective here) week. The starters did what they could but there was no offense. Despite a few up and down weeks, I think we may finally be seeing what this team is…and it’s not a lot different than what we expected when April rolled around.

W L Pct. GB Strk Notes
Nationals 28 22 .560 L3 Slipping but still up top
Mets 28 23 .549 0.5 W1 Not going away
Braves 25 25 .500 3 W2 Hanging around
Marlins 20 31 .392 8.5 L1 Battling for the bottom
Phillies 19 33 .365 10 L7 Ummm….


In honor of what we witnessed this week, I’m mailing this one in just like the Phils did. The biggest “highlight” of the week was the fact that they nearly ruined one of the greatest memories in team history by almost being no hit on the 5 year anniversary of Doc Halladay’s perfect game.


The starters went 0-4 and the bullpen went 0-2 but the majority of that was the result of the missing offense. Sean O’Sullivan proved he does not belong on the major league roster but thanks to RAJ’s glowing review of Phillies fans, we learned that it’s unlikely we’ll see any of the potential “stars of tomorrow” on the major league roster any time soon. Cole and Aaron Harang had pretty positive outings but again…the offense. Eventually, the current rotation will not exist. It will not be getting better though so if they are going to waste good outings now, the latter half of this season is going to be very hard to watch.

Around the N.L. East

Nationals– It appears to me that no one really wants to win this division. Despite ample opportunities, no one seems to be able to make a run. The Nats surged ahead of the Mets last week and promptly went and lost 4 of 6 including a weekend sweep (and near no-hitter) by the Reds. In addition, Stephen Strasburg was placed on the DL serving up a big hit to their rotation. They come home this week for 3 with the Blue Jay’s and 4 against the Cubs (who just took 2 of 3 from them in Chicago). Will they finally make a run? Oh, and Bryce Harper is still a stud.

Mets– Can someone tell me how Bartolo Colon keeps doing what he’s doing? He’s 8-3 after Sunday’s win, the team’s 4th in their last 6. He’s mixing well with the young guys but when your manager throws out the term “dead arm” when talking about your young ace, things get a little scary. They are only a half game back as they head out to the West Coast for 10 games.

Braves– A 9th inning rally on Sunday helped the Braves salvage a 3rd win this week. They will finish up their West Coast swing with 3 in Arizona before returning home to face the Pirates. They are staying in the mix mostly since neither the Nats or Mets are running away. They still have a shot if they can string together some wins and the others won’t grab the ring.

Marlins– Hey…they’re still better than the Phils. That’s something, right?


The Phils will take on the Reds and Giants this week and yes, I think we’re already seeing the beginning of the end. Sitting 10 games back at the end of May when the division is weak by any standards you apply, just doesn’t leave a lot of room for hope. The biggest question is who we will see join the big league roster and when.


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