Whatevs: Hakstol shuffles lines

The Sharks gather to have a good LOL about the Flyers (Image c/o Amy Irvin)

The Sharks gather to have a good LOL about the Flyers (Image c/o Amy Irvin)


Dave Isaac posted the regularly scheduled photo of his notebook outlining all of the Flyers line combinations. As everyone on social media noticed, the line combinations did not make much sense. Have a looksie for yourself:

Odd, right? Voracek and Lecavalier and no Medvedev, oh my! The truth is, I’m not bothered by it. Well, that’s not exactly true. I am curious about why Medvedev is still a healthy scratch on a team where my six-year-old son could crack the top four. Everyone says he’s healthy. I’m not completely buying it but, if it’s true, I think it’s dumb.

What I don’t think is dumb is having a rookie coach with a makeshift lineup try anything to spark his team. He’s learning and the team is figuring out their identity but something needs to change and a roster shakeup is unlikely at this point, even if it seems illogical. Right now, it is what it is and it will neither make nor break the season.

The Flyers are treading water until the deadline when they can start shaping their actual roster and shedding some of the dead weight Paul Holmgren left behind. So, I will happily give coach, Dave Hakstol, the benefit of the doubt for the time being and so should you.

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