How Do You Win Sports Gambling?

Do you dream of quitting your job and watching sports for a living? Well, that is possible if you become a professional sports bettor. To learn how to beat the sportsbook check out our simple yet effective tips below.

Become An Expert

If you want to become a consistent winner you need to develop specialized knowledge which allows you to predict the outcome of sporting events more effectively than the wagering sites. The best way to develop this deep knowledge is to pick a sport you already know really well (ideally it is a niche sport) and then find a league that is not followed extensively. Gambling sites are more likely to set incorrect odds on niche sports and small leagues where there is a lack of information.
After finding a niche sport and league to specialize in you need to study all of the teams and top players and perform a deep dive into the statistics. You need to start understanding what stats influence the outcome of matches. You also need to dig around forums, Twitter, or reach out to people in person and try to find insider information about the league. If you are successful you will quickly become an expert and be able to set sharper odds than the sportsbook.

Be Careful With Your Wager Sizing

Many great professional gamblers have got into trouble by being undisciplined with their wager sizing. It is way easier to go broke than you think and trust us you will eventually experience negative variance and go on a long losing streak. To prevent a losing streak from destroying your bankroll you need to be cautious with your wager sizing. Most top sports bettors choose to only bet with 1% to 2% of their bankroll on each individual wager. For example, if you have a $10,000 bankroll and you want to bet on Arsenal to beat Chelsea in the handicap market you would bet a maximum of $200. Betting more than 2% significantly increases your chances of going broke. You can increase your average stake size as your bankroll grows. For example, if you are having success and increase your funds from $10,000 to $20,000 you can now gamble a maximum of $400.

Claim Bonuses And Promo Deals

A high number of big winning professional sports gamblers boost their winnings by claiming and negotiating bonuses. Sports gambling sites are giving away free cash to attract new players and to keep current players happy. You can quickly win hundreds of extra dollars by unlocking these bonus offers. Some of the best bonus deals include free wagers, bonus cash, and cashback. If you want to be a long-term winner you need to find a cashback deal as this is where a gambling site will refund you a portion of your losses. For example, if you have a 20% cashback deal you lose $1000 the site will send $200 instantly back to your account.

Specialize In A Particular Wager Type

Most professional sports bettors tend to focus on a particular bet type. It is often too difficult to build an edge in multiple markets. So if you want to succeed don’t waste your time trying out all kinds of different wagers just start by picking a couple and then focus on the ones you enjoy and have the most success in. Some of the best wager types include handicap, over/under number of goals, over/under number of corners and double chance football bets.

Time To Act!

Now you know some helpful wagering tips, it is time to try them out and see if you can walk away a winner. To get started sign up at a gambling site, deposit, and place a wager!